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The SnapitHD time-lapse camera is an effortless way to record any construction project. Just set it and forget it!

With this unique technology you can document jobsite activity in real time.

Images and video can be shared with colleagues to create an indefinite record of any construction process.

  • Access to online management program
  • Time-lapse made available for public viewing on your website
  • Lens options for 40, 60, 80, 90 and 130 degrees
  • Camera customised to suit your site specific requirements


Snap Information Technologies provides fisheries compliance monitoring, and vessel tracking solutions.

Our suite of GPS tracking, onboard video cameras, and our electronic data terminal systems are designed for the marine enviorment.

The solution is complete from start to finish; our systems are installed onboard the vessel and through our innovations, the data collected is saved internally and shifted to on-shore servers effortlessly over a wireless connection.

  • Robust Argon-purged marine housing
  • Integrated GPS recording of the vessel track
  • Automated WiFi transfer of footage
  • SolarVMS - Solar Powered Tracking

Tourism and Promotion

Get more exposure for your business with SnapitHD time-lapse and streaming camera

This innovative technology extends your reach and maximises your return by creating loyal visitors who will keep coming back to your website.

As well as featuring prominently on some of New Zealand’s most popular websites including

  • Our tourism time-lapse streaming cameras feature prominently
  • Lens options from 40, 60, 80, 90 to 130 degrees
  • Camera customized to suit your site specific requirements
  • On going customer support to meet your business needs

About Us.

Here at Snap Information Technologies, our vision is to capture and distribute images of the world, to the world.

Founded in 2007, we are a team of highly-skilled and dedicated, specialist software developers and electronic engineers developing and manufacturing live cameras from the ground up.

The result is a high-definition image capturing and processing system that has caught the attention of Television broadcasters, weather reporters, fishing companies, construction companies, airports, tourism organisations and governments from all over the globe.

Along the way we’ve discovered that our vision is not just about the camera; its also about our innovations in state-of-the-art electronics, power management, storage, communications, GPS based tracking systems and delivery. Our incredible level of innovation is well recognised and we are the recipients of numerous industry awards for our work and business practices.

Snap Information Technologies partners with organisations to ensure your images are delivered in an effortless way to customers, helping you to get on with your work effectively, while we focus on distributing those images of the world, to the world.

2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, which have been running for 13 years, are the pre-eminent and longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand.

2015 Winner

Winner NZ Hi-Tech awards 2015

SnapIT won the Agritech category and received high commended in the Innovative Hardware category as well.

NZ Hi-Tech awards

Winner New Zealand Innovators Awards 2014

SnapIT won the Peoples Choice category for our Electronic Monitoring for Sustainable Fisheries Management.

How it works

SnapitHD partners with you to ensure that images are captured and delivered in an effortless way to your audience, helping you to get on with what you do best.

Contact Us
Contact us for information about how a live timelapse can work for you.
In most cases a SnapitHD camera has a simple, one-cable installation.
Choose a location with a clear view and a place to mount the camera.
Either use our qualified installer or do it yourself.
We’re available throughout to make sure everything goes smoothly.
No power or Internet? No problem! Our solar and cellular solutions can make challenging locations straightforward. Talk to us about your requirements.
Remote Viewing
Our online player gives you access to a stream of images from the current day, or right back to the start of your construction project.
Keep your images private, or embed a timelapse directly into your website, giving access to whoever needs it.
We can also promote your image via our websites giving you access to an audience of millions per week.
Custom Timelapse Movies
We can deliver custom timelapse movies at any stage of your project, equipping your business with a excellent marketing tool to promote your work.
We can add music, titles and more to make your timelapse movie a unique and lasting record of your project or location.